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We don’t do boring

It’s sweet, it’s spicy, its wild, it’s wacky. We don’t do boring. If you want to source awesome, unique, foodie products – you have come to the right place.

We are the Candied Jalapeno people.


“Haynes Candied Jalapenos are a real treat – spicy and sweet at the same time. Perfect to have on the side of a delicious bit of meat, whether its a hotdog or a piece of steak. What more could you want!?”

– Tom Kerridge 2* Micheline Chef –

” My partner is a huge fan of this relish so will be extremely please to have some more as a gift on his birthday! Thank you for making such a tasty product! “

– Becca –

“They don’t get 3 gold “great tastestars” in 2020 for nothing… they arecategorically THE BEST ! end of.”

– Jason D. –

“These have become as importantas the bun when it comes to makingburgers in our house.”

– Sandra Duff –

“So tasty and different to anything else. Nice kick of chilli but you can still taste everything else. Goes well withreally savoury things or with anythingactually, hot or cold!”

– Nicky Lothian –

Just order them. You won’t regret it.

– Bill Coleman –

I discovered Haynes Candied Jalapenos at Waddesdon Manor Artisan Food Market, I bought some along with the BBQ Sauce, to say they didn’t last long would be an understatement.

I love them-a perfect balance of sweet and heat– Graham Howarth head-chef to the Prime Minister –

“Stunning, stunning, stunning. The perfect gift for the foodie!
I bought 6, 3 immediately went to friends as gifts, 1 for us and 2 to be given soon. Wonderful idea and execution. Thank you.”

– David P. –

“The Candied Jalapeno Relish is superb.

– Daphne Hemmings –

“Loveliest little gems of sweet heat can’t get enough. Love um love um love um.

– Martin May –

I waited eagerly for my candied jalapeños to arrive, and when they did I was blown away!!! The packaging was amazing, and once I popped the lid on these delicious, red rings of sweetened heat I found it hard to stop eating them!!! I cannot wait to try some more of your exquisite products.

– Brett Murphy –

Proudly made in Great Britain

All our products are made in the UK sourcing only the best ingredients to bring you a truly superior quality condiment.

An already popular delicacy in the south of the United States, Candied Jalapeños have a unique flavour combining sweet and spicy, with their Red Candied Jalapeños, Candied Jalapeno Hot Relish, and Candied Jalapeno Cranberry Sauce scooping up Great Taste Awards in 2020.

Winning combination

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Made in Great Britain

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All Natural

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