Haynes Candied Jalapeno® Marmalade

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  • THE PERFECT SERVING SUGGESTION – Marmalade just got spicy.  Using the perfect sweet and spicy flavour of our Red Candied Jalapenos, our amazing new Marmalade adds an amazing twist to a classic flavour.  It sounds so wrong but tastes oh so right.
  • HOW TO USE – Perfect way to perk up your breakfast, simply smothered on toast.  Brilliant glazed over chicken wings, smothered inside a bread and butter pudding or paired with any Cheese.  Your Cheese Toasty will never be the same. Get Creative!
  • WARNING:  These little beauties are GOBSMACKINGLY DELICIOUS.  Once the first jar is cracked open, we cannot be held responsible for the FLAVOUR STORM that will follow.  
  • ALL NATURAL & VEGAN FRIENDLY – Our products add flavour to any meal and are free of all nasties (nothing but the good stuff)!

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Marmalade just got spicy! The perfectly bitter marmalade is paired with our Award Winning Red Jalapenos to make a truly winning combination. It sounds so wrong but tastes oh so right. 

We are so pleased that our Marmalade has been so popular, so we are adding it as a permanent part of our range!

  • HOW TO USE – Perfect way to perk up your breakfast, simply smothered on toast.  Brilliant glazed over chicken wings, smothered inside a bread and butter pudding or paired with any Cheese.  Your Cheese Toasty will never be the same. Get Creative!

All our products are Proudly Made in Britain.


  • Pure Cane Sugar
  • Bitter Seville Orange Pulp (20%)
  • Jalapeno Chilli (2.3%)


  • Vegan Friendly
  • All Natural
  • GMO Free
  • Jar and Lid are 100% Recyclable


Nutrition Information

Typical Values Per: 100g
Energy Kcal: 290.1
of which saturates


of which sugars


Protein: 0.3G
Salt: 0G

63 reviews for Haynes Candied Jalapeno® Marmalade

  1. Carol D.

    Absolutely beautiful marmalade with a little kick – so tasty on crumpets

  2. Julian Isaac

  3. Tracy Barclay

    Although not set enough it tastes as good as always

  4. Peter Jackson

  5. Joseph W.

    a lot of liquid until put in the fridge

  6. Tony I.

    I’ve little kick start for breakfast.

  7. Julian Isaac

  8. Lucy

    The best marmalade I’ve ever bought. Had some in March and was so excited to see still in stock even though its limited edition. Please keep!

  9. Steve Hutton

  10. Michael Stray

    Absolutely loved it should have ordered more because it didn’t last long.

  11. Julie C.

  12. Grahame McDonough

    Awesome Marmalade

  13. Christine French

    Just used it to marinade a chicken

  14. Rachael C.

    Really lovely products. Ordered from Haynes before and will do many more times. The best marmalade I have ever had. Thank you for a great service too. Shipping was fast. Ordered on a Friday and received on the Monday. Not bad going considering there was a weekend in between. Thanks again!

  15. Anonymous

    Don’t know. It’s a gift

  16. Becky Pryor

    Absolutely perfect on thickly sliced buttered crusty toasted bread, it’s a butter marmalade which is my ideal with a slight bite from the red jalapeños. Absolutely delicious

  17. Sean Lovell

  18. Mark Haynes

  19. Sue

    Love all their products

  20. Karla

    It’s off the scale. So different and tasty. Don’t leave it for toast, though it’s great. I tried it with chicken, amazing. Have ordered another.

  21. Mark

    Absolutely love this on my toast in the morning, gives me a nice little zesty wake up.

  22. Scott

    A rare treat! Some food combinations make you screw your face up in disbelief, until you actually taste them. Such as;
    fries and honey, sausage and marmalade. Well, in relation to the latter, it just got a whole lot tastier! But, even on plain old toast with butter, it’s a smash! Love it.

  23. keith shevill

    if im away on business of holiday i always put marmalade on toast in the mornings! i made the exception for this,absolutely love this product.it livens toast/waffles/crumpets wonderfully.

  24. Lynda

    Love this marmalade it’s delicious ! ☺️

  25. Vicki

  26. Miss K A Macdonald

  27. Lisa

  28. Deborah Abbott

  29. Margaret

    We’ve just had this on our toast this morning, delicious.
    Can’t wait to try the Orange Chicken recipe shown on your website .

  30. Jayne E.

    Wow! Delicious, will definitely be ordering again!

  31. Jo Labib

  32. Adele

  33. Stephen B.

    A truly excellent product, delicious to the last mouthful.

  34. Anonymous

  35. Claire D.

    Such an unusual combination that I just had to try it. So glad I did, it’s extremely moreish

  36. Tanya Day

    Looking forward to trying some recipies using this. Tasty with cheese on toast.

  37. Gary C.

    A lovely taste.

  38. Neville R.

    My new favourite marmalade. The added heat from the jalapenos along with the flavour of the Seville oranges make this perfect for me.

  39. Richard Turner

  40. Jessica

    Too good. I don’t even like marmalade but this jar didn’t last a week. Slathered on hot buttered toast … delicious!! Ordered more for a bread and butter pudding … I’m thinking sticky glazed ribs next …

  41. Mike Brown

  42. James

  43. Jon Edlin

    The best chilli marmalade I’ve had and great service as ever.

  44. Amy Hughes Hi

  45. Vicki

  46. J

    The jar didn’t last the week … and I don’t even like marmalade!! Addictive and gorgeous.

  47. Andrea P.

    Beautiful, just the right amount of ‘kick’ to get your taste-buds going in a morning.

  48. Heath Donnelly

    Bloody lovely very tasty

  49. Anonymous

    I bought this as a treat for my husband and he loves it!

  50. Amanda White

    Love it!!

  51. Shaun Vaughan

  52. jacqui mohr-orwell

    Not tried as yet.

  53. Peter H.

  54. Michael

    Absolutely amazing flavours.
    This has to be the world’s greatest marmalade, the heat is subtly present and there is even a hint of classic orange marmalade.
    My go-to on toast.

  55. Richard Heffernan

    Beautiful combination of bitter orange and sweet jalapeños

  56. Martin S.

    Another fantastic product! This marmalade has a sweet kick that gives your toast a lovely zing!

  57. Pauline Masterson

    This is a Christmas present so not tried yet, but if it’s as good as all the other products I ve bought then it will be delicious!

  58. Jamie H.

    I do love all of the products but feel it’s very expensive for the size of the jars. You should offer savings with bulk orders

  59. sharon staceygoodwin

    Lovely zingy and bitter taste, great with cheese!

  60. Gareth

    Top marks! Just the right touch of ‘nip’ to a very pleasant tasting marmalade.

  61. Richard Gill

  62. Mark Haynes

    Not tried yet but looking forward to it with my cheese on toast!

  63. Chris C.

    Amazing product , courier no so much

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