Haynes Candied Jalapenos®

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  • SWEET & SPICY – Our Candied Jalapenos are not your ordinary Jalapenos.  They are “Sweet with a little Heat”.  Due to the cooking process they start off SWEET and finish with an afterburn of HEAT!  Think of it as an awesome flavour journey.
  • THE PERFECT SERVING SUGGESTION – Spice up your canapés.  Just add soft cheese to a Ritz cracker and the secret ingredient (one or two Candied Jalapenos) for instant, bite-sized amazing treats!
  • HOW TO USE – Perfect with Cheeses, Baked Camembert, Burgers, Pizzas, Nachos, Tacos, Eggs, Omelettes, Humus, Loaded Fries, Jacket Potatoes, Salads, Sandwiches. Get Creative!
  • WARNING:  These little beauties are GOBSMACKINGLY DELICIOUS.  Once the first jar is cracked open, we cannot be held responsible for the FLAVOUR STORM that will follow.  
  • ALL NATURAL & VEGAN FRIENDLY – Our products add flavour to any meal and are free of all nasties (nothing but the good stuff)!

767 in stock

SWEET & SPICY - Our Candied Jalapenos are not your ordinary Jalapenos.  They are “Sweet with a little Heat”.  Due to the cooking process they start off SWEET and finish with an afterburn of HEAT!  Think of it as an awesome flavour journey.

What does Gobsmackingly Delicious taste like?  It’s only FOR THE BRAVE to know . . .

All our products are Proudly Made in Britain.


  • Jalapeno Chilli (62%)
  • Pure Cane Sugar
  • Cider Vinegar
  • Garlic Powder


  • Vegan Friendly
  • All Natural
  • GMO Free
  • Jar and Lid are 100% Recyclable


Nutrition Information

Typical Values Per: 100g
Energy: 628KJ/148KCAL
of which saturates:



of which sugars:



Protein: 1.2G
Salt: 0.03G

265 reviews for Haynes Candied Jalapenos®

  1. Olivier montels

    Great flavours

  2. Tony Rendell

  3. David James

  4. Eileen Reid

    This is my 3rd jar of these I add them to Nachos they add the perfect amount of heat and sweetness

  5. Scott Walker

  6. Sean

    Not so keen on the ‘subscriptions’ order options but maybe that works for others. Thank you for the surprise sample Strawberry with the order. Great way of marketing the new product!

  7. Steven White

    Easily as good as the red jalapenos, just with a little extra kick

  8. Anonymous

    Fantastic product, amazing with many many dishes

  9. Jason D.

    Well… a little different to the Red ones yet still so irresistible and versatile… on chilli con carne … wow!

  10. Michael H.

    We now add these to some of our pizza specials…its a game changer !!!

  11. Mike Smith

  12. Rebekka Gilbert

    The Best!

  13. Joseph W.

    a bit hotter than expected

  14. Marc Thompson

  15. Georgina


  16. Nicky Lothian

    So tasty and different to anything else. Nice kick of chilli but you can still taste everything else. Goes well with really savoury things or with anything actually, hot or cold!

  17. Christine French

    Used exactly the same as the red

  18. Andrea

    Delicious. I live these and always have some in the cupboard. Perfect with Brie (in my opinion!).

  19. Mark W.

    Love these

  20. Moses Hart

    Life changing would be an understatement.

  21. Lucy

    Have had the red jalapenos before but thought i would try the green. So tasty and very good on a breakfast bagel.

  22. Anonymous

    Bought these for my son-in-law a few months ago and he loves them so I have bought him some more. Great product.

  23. john rutherford

    I’m totally addicted

  24. Paul Sutcliffe

  25. rea

    Amazing!! The product is great on home made pizzas and the delivery was quick to

  26. Sue

  27. Steve Boughey

  28. Bryan R.

    Good tasting product that can be used many ways

  29. Anonymous

    Best Jalepenos I have had

  30. Lisa Pearcy

  31. Mark Lothian

  32. Wojciech

    Great product and excellent customer service👍🏻Higly recommend!

  33. james


    Hot, sweet, spicy & delicious.

  35. Glyn Hall

  36. John Rutherford

    Absolutely amazing flavour

  37. Lynn Robb

    Absolutely delicious, love these

  38. Jayne England

    Recently discovers Haynes via an Ooni ingredients box, we loved them so much we’re ordering directly from Haynes now! Great service which has the personal touch. Highly recommend

  39. Michael Smith

    Just so tasty

  40. Nicola H.

  41. Janet E.

    Always loved these

  42. Ben

    Excellent on pizzas, sandwiches and salads

  43. Dominique

    I love these so much I don’t know how I enjoyed some meals without them before I discovered them!!

  44. Rachael C.

    Really lovely products. Ordered from Haynes before and will do many more times. The best candied chilis I have ever had. Thank you for a great service too. Shipping was fast. Ordered on a Friday and received on the Monday. Not bad going considering there was a weekend in between. Thanks again!

  45. Julie W.

    So moorish! Love them

  46. David

  47. Naomi Jadwat


  48. Rebecca Ewins

    Very very tasty. An absolute must have for fans of chillies!

  49. Becky Pryor

    Gorgeous on ritz crackers with a spread of philly. Sweet and spicy and addictive

  50. Sean Lovell

    Great product. Swift delivery. Very happy

  51. Sue

    Love all their products

  52. Sonia M.

    Love these , I eat them straight from the jar !

  53. Anonymous

    Delicious and very moreish

  54. Alan Goodall


  55. Scott

    I’ve lost track of how many dishes I dress up with these beauties!


    Very tasty and quick delivery, the best Jalapenos I have tasted

  57. Linda

    Husbands favourite

  58. Bryan R.

  59. Alison

    Fantastic on so many dishes for a little kick

  60. Deborah Abbott

  61. Victoria W.

  62. Anonymous

  63. Rebecca

    Great product and fabulous service and delivery 😊

  64. Anne


  65. Luke

    Got these for my wife and she loves them. Put them in some enchiladas and they were delicious.

  66. Liz

    Just love these!

  67. Jayne E.

    So delicious and almost addictive!

  68. Christine French

    Love these on crackers with cream cheese

  69. Kathleen M.

    Addicted! Love these things; so tasty & versatile

  70. Melissa

    Excellent customer service!! A unique and delicious treat … can’t wait to try with a man oozing Camembert – yum!

  71. D. Crawford Wilson

    Great to do business with, absolutely delicious

  72. Anonymous

    Fabulous flavour as usual

  73. Anonymous

  74. Tracy Barclay

    You just can’t beat it, full of flavour and lovely heat.

  75. Lynn R.

    Absolutely love these Jalapeños
    They come very well packaged and quick delivery

  76. Jalon Fearon

  77. Sean Lovell

    Excellent product!

  78. Emma Gunston

    As with everything from this company, these are absolutely delicious! Bought for hubby as a Christmas gift, eaten in 3 days! Have ordered more, they are addictive

  79. Shaun Rose

    Very nice,versatile.

  80. Kathryn Y.

    Absolutely delicious! And delivery very fast.

  81. Emma

    Love the product, I kicked myself when I realised I’d paid as much for the post almost as the jar. I’d say if your buying then buy bulk to make postage more worthwhile. I’ll remember next time .

  82. Shelley M.

    Great purchase and absolutely delicious

  83. Claire

    Really good, hot like jalapeños, but sweet.

  84. Nadine C.

  85. Melanie R.

  86. Anonymous

    Love love love Haynes Candied Jalopenos. We put them on absolutely everything! Right amount to spice to finish off a dish.

  87. Elizabeth W.

    Absolutely excellent product

  88. Mr M J King

  89. Rebecca Hill

  90. Adele


  91. Ian

    Brilliant product…brilliant service

  92. Claire Jones

    Well packaged – welcome email explaining about the company was a nice touch – bought as a Christmas gift

  93. Martin

    These are amazing, and my favourite product!!

  94. Mieke V.

  95. Stephen B.

    Spice up your sandwiches! Delicious.

  96. Tanya Day


  97. Mary L.

    This is a gift, I have not seen

  98. Julie A.

    These were bought as a present, so I can’t comment on the taste but the whole ordering process was very simple

  99. Tom G.


  100. Maisie

    Haven’t opened as is a Christmas present, but have tried these jalapeños from our local take away ‘Mac and Bone’ and they are fantastic.

  101. S S.

    Love em 😋

  102. Gareth B.

  103. Mark Astley


  104. Steven C.

  105. Stuart

  106. Gary C.

    Absolutely Stonkin’. love the taste of these beauties.

  107. Susan D.

    Delicious – what else can I say

  108. Harriet

    I can’t comment on the product as they are a Christmas present, but the ordering system was not good. I ordered through a Facebook advert and got no order confirmation email to say the order had gone through. I then emailed Haynes to check all was OK and that I hadn’t just been scammed on Facebook. They never replied to my email. Luckily the items did turn up, but I had a couple of worrying days thinking I had been a fool to click on a Facebook advert

  109. Major M.

    Great service and speedy delivery

  110. Amy Hughes Hi

    Of the jars I ordered, one had a faulty seal. I did email you about this, but have had no reply.

  111. Anonymous

  112. Nicola Gilligan

    Great item bought as a stocking filler for my son for Christmas.

  113. Anonymous

    Bought these as a gift. Arrived promptly and well packaged

  114. Frances M.

    Excellent flavour and heat.

  115. Barbara


  116. jeffrey johanson

    Brilliant service can’t wait for Xmas to try these

  117. Vicki

  118. Susan C.

    Brilliant customer service. Haven’t managed to taste these as bought as presents but looking forward to punching a couple off my hubby

  119. Claire Ellis

    Great in a cheese toastie – or on anything come to think of it ..

  120. Sandra

    I have bought this as a gift, so haven’t actually tried it, hence the 4 stars. Nicely packaged and good communication. Thank you.

  121. Mark Harris

    Great communication from the company topped off by a great product!

  122. Zita0

    Oh my goodness the flavour is divine

  123. Anonymous

    Yummy! My husband and I are addicted to this!

  124. Anonymous

  125. Amanda White

    A big favourite in our house

  126. Linda Smith

  127. Shaun Vaughan

    Delicious products, fast delivery. Will be ordering regularly in the future.

  128. Peter H.

    Amazing product so tasty

  129. Nanette Kilshaw

    My husband loves them

  130. Graham Ross

    Perfect for a new taste on pizza

  131. Craig T.


  132. sarah

    My son is addicted!!

  133. Mrs Nicola J Hewitt

  134. Richard Gill

  135. Christine French

  136. Zoe

    Oh my god candied jalapeños are my new favourite thing. Originally bought a gift set for my husband for Father’s Day as he’s a chilli monster. But think I’ve eaten more. Re-stocked and debating on getting the subscription

  137. Shaun Vaughan

    Delicious and moreish

  138. Tim Charles

    Genius way of turning a super healthy plate of vegetables, but not so tasty, into a delicious meal with only a couple of teaspoons of candied jalapeños

  139. Anonymous

  140. Alison Smith

    Very nice too

  141. Carol

    Still my favourites and very addictive

  142. Lisa W.

    This is another one of the range that I have just bought for the 3rd time! Love it

  143. robert jones

    This is my favourite!

  144. Penelope B.

    Amazing, my favourite addition to everything.

  145. Wendy T.

    The product is fantastic and very moorish will be ordering again

  146. Lynn Robb

    Love these

  147. Vicky Bentley

  148. Robin Sawczyn

  149. Ben


  150. lisa harris


  151. Bruce

    Second order of these for me, so good 😊

  152. Claire Nicolson

    Delicious 😍😍😍

  153. Chris M.

  154. Glenn Hulse

    The best

  155. Andrea

    Love these, great with Brie!

  156. kayleigh


  157. David P.

    So it is kind of immoral. Kind of like cheddars. Clearly laced with crack. So addictive and a monopoly on pricing and supply. I think they should need a prescription or be made illegal. They get you hooked and then you just know they are going to put the price up.

  158. Fiona

    Haven’t opened this jar yet. I’m sure they’ll be as good as the red.

  159. Charles Davies

    Delicious but Jars are too small?

  160. Robert P.

    Great taste – sweet and sour and hot

  161. Fay McEwan

    Bought as part of a 6yr (candy) wedding anniversary present for my husband but couldn’t wait a week. Opened and ate them all within three days so ordered 3 more jars in-time for the actual anniversary. They go on everything and we’re obsessed!

  162. Lisa C.

    I ordered one each of the green & red, but didn’t receive the green. I was sent 2 red jalapeño instead, so I’m very disappointed.

  163. Scott Y.

    What a wonderful condiment! Incredibly tasty, I ordered 4 jars and they’re ending up on every meal. Great experience all round too, the packaging and the service were first class. Many thanks

  164. Wendie

    Make sure you buy two jars at least because they won’t be in the fridge for long

  165. Anonymous

    went down well with the heat lovers.

  166. Iain C.


  167. Stefania

  168. Anonymous

  169. Jason Jeffrey

    They taste great!!!

  170. Beth C.

    Oh my days. These are amazing. Lovely sensation of sweet to heat, pile them on a burger and transform it from drab to fab

  171. Jay

  172. Julie W.

    Sweet at first with a little heat chaser absolutely love them.

  173. Charlene

    These will never stop being delicious. Love them so much. Absolutely delicious

  174. Paul Teanby


  175. Gareth B.


  176. Darren Hammond


  177. Mr P.

    A tasty treat and the jar is jam-packed. Would happily buy again. Great stuff!

  178. John Jeffery

    not as hot as the reds

  179. Caroline

    Very good taste

  180. Selwyn Cooper

  181. Charles Davies

    Awesome, but Jar is far too small!!!

  182. Francesca S.

  183. Anonymous

    Fabulous product and great service.

  184. matheus

  185. Alyson W.

    A must have in our house. Delicious

  186. Jane Holland

    lovely .

  187. K E Lauder

    I’m now on my 2and order of these:-)

  188. Lisa


  189. Debbie Cox

    Again delishous ordered another jar

  190. Wendy S.


  191. Lynn Robb


  192. Helen W.

    Just live these little red hot beauties sprinkled on a (was boring) pizza to liven things up a bit. Can’t not have these in my fridge !

  193. florence

    Can’t get enough!

  194. Mrs Jane Hanson

  195. BEVERLEY w.

    Nice product

  196. Mrs K Rees

  197. Keira

  198. Susan

    Just love these, as does everyone who has tried them. But I don’t share them too often!!!

  199. Sarah

  200. Andy Mann

    Amazing taste much better than I expected.

  201. Diane G.

    My catnip! So glad I discovered this treat 😋

  202. Ian Cruickshank

    Not had anything lie this before. Delivered quickly which made it even better.

  203. Mrs J E Hobbs

  204. Laurence John Haynes

    Swift delivery and well packaged, and seriously tasty. Thank you again..

  205. Susan T.

    Haven’t tried this one yet but it was recommended by a friend so looking forward to using it.

  206. Anonymous

  207. Michael M.

  208. Andrea

    I love these Candied Jalapeños. They go beautifully with Brie. I am a repeat customer and gave often given these a gifts too.

  209. Brogan Bruce

  210. Bryony

  211. maria hopkins

    Never tasted anything like these amazing my mum eats jars or jalapeños every week but these are unique when I saw someone saying you can get these from Asda for£1 yes you can get a jar of pickled ones but nothing like these they are 💯 different taste

  212. Jordan

    Absolutely unreal, been liberally adding them to salads, sarnies, pizzas… everything and anything

  213. Michael Waters

    Yet again Excellent

  214. S HILLS

    Lovely Company to deal with and absolutely delicious product – even for those of us who don’t like it over hot; they do a hot one for you! I WAS sceptical. I’m NOW sold! We buy them 6 at a time! I quote my wife – “we must NEVER run out”! Simply divine.

  215. David

    Great product! Sweet but with a kick. Fantastic on burgers or a pizza.

  216. Neil B.

    Absolutely delicious


    Addictive with cheese

  218. Francesca

    So tasty. Amazing with crackers and cream cheese!

  219. Jeanne Joyce

    Haven’t received it yet

  220. Robert P.

    The most tastiest, and easiest culinary accessory to any meal hands down!!!!

  221. oz jones


  222. Malcolm LeMay

    A perfect balance between sweet and heat. I could eat these all DAY! DELICIOUS!!!

  223. Mr C.

    Burgers, chilli con carne, cheese sandwiches belly pork slices, you name it this goes with it!!

  224. Ian Vaines

    Deliciously adictable

  225. Kinza T.

    Very nice

  226. Michael Donald

    Simply amazing

  227. Lucy

    These are a great find. Introduced to me by my London family who discovered them last Summer. Excellent service and quick delivery.

  228. Anonymous

  229. Guy McCusker

    Surprisingly delicious

  230. T Purcell

    I first tasted this product at Chatsworth Christmas Market 2019 I was instantly hooked. This is my first time ordering on line, It’s a really nice product and came within a week, even the product that was on back order came at the same time. I will keep ordering the product on a regular basis., thank you Haynes.

  231. Naomi Jadwat

    Delicious flavour with quite a spicy edge

  232. DEBORAH N.

    Absolutely fantastic! The taste amazing and are my new favourite thing to eat

  233. Amanda Willford

    Product tastes fantastic but could only try one as the jar had smashed in transit!!!!

  234. Paul Allen

    Love this with scrambled eggs

  235. iain duckworth

    Very tasty and perfect for pizzas and burgers

  236. Sarah M.

    Absolutely gorgeous. Deceptively sweet to start, and then boom! Needs a 10 out of 5 🙂

  237. Tom M.


  238. Adam

    These are absolutely delicious and very moreish!

  239. Peter

    Very nice but a little pricey use them more sparingly than normal

  240. amanda cotton


  241. Mr. neil jackson

    Delicious, will defo be buying again👍

  242. Shellie

    Love these, brilliant as a topping, or baked into a pasta bake, or a cottage pie. So very versatile and delicious!

  243. Mike Capper

  244. William Wilson

  245. Hannah


  247. Kat Jury

  248. Martyn Morrison

  249. JULIAN D.

  250. Michael

    Took longer for delivery but that was expected due to current issues with Corona Virus, but turned up well packaged and a quality product cant wait to try the other varieties

  251. Jacqui Merrett

  252. Mrs Jane Hanson

    We are hooked on them

  253. Sonja Bierton

    If you love 🌶’s then you’ll love the candied jalapeños, utterly delicious with everything and the jar is stuffed to the very top!

  254. Stacey Louise

    The best candied jalapeños We have ever had! We tell everyone about them 🌶

  255. Alex Simmo Simpson

    Tried a jar on Friday and have just ordered another 3 less than a week later. Knocked up eggs Benedict at the weekend, threw a few on top and the result was awesome!

  256. Richard Ward

    Wow, just tried these little gems for the first time…. delicious and

  257. Derek Irving

    Received our delivery of Candied Jalapenos today and they are delicious . Before buying I spoke directly to the company. Charity Haynes the founder is so proud of her company and her products.I love great customer service and Charity delivered .Will be back for more of your great food

  258. Stevie Watson

    Ordered the candied Jalapeños, relish and the bbq sauce as I clicked a discount link on Facebook.
    All I can say is they are excellent especially the candied Jalapeños sweet to start and spicy kick. Will be ordering again soon.

  259. Nicki

    Well I’ve flogged them to death! I’ve had them with virtually every dinner since I bought a jar! Needless to say the jar hasnt lasted long so I’m now going to order online!

  260. Rachel Livesey

    Bought one of each of your jars at the Chatsworth flower show. Love them. my cheese sandwich has gone from 🥶 to 😎

  261. David J Thompson

    Stumbled upon this stuff when my wife got her box from the Vegan Kind. i tried it and got absolutely hooked. i had candied jalapeno on everything ranging from burgers to toast, toasties, crackers and cheese and most recently…tacos. The cranberry jalapeno relish is incredible too. Customer service is superb and the guys come across as super passionate and super friendly on social media.

  262. Jessica Christoforou

    Unbelievably addictive.
    We eat them with just about everything …

  263. Margaret Irwin

    Cheese and crackers are blah without these! I am a candied jalapeno addict now!

  264. Philip Ditchfield

    The best product we discovered at Pub in the Park, Marlow 2018

  265. Oli Coates

    I discovered Haynes Gourmet’s candied jalapeños at a food festival last year, absolutely love them. They’ve become a staple in my house and we always and went down a storm with the family at Christmas! Have reordered on the website numerous times and they always arrive on time! Highly recommend!

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