Haynes Candied Jalapenos® Red

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  • SWEET & SPICY – Our Candied Jalapenos are not your ordinary Jalapenos.  They are “Sweet with a little Heat”.  Due to the cooking process they start off SWEET and finish with an afterburn of HEAT!  If you like the Green Candied Jalapenos you will love the Red.  Ripened for longer, you can really taste the sunshine.
  • THE PERFECT SERVING SUGGESTION – Spice up your canapés.  Just add soft cheese to a Ritz cracker and the secret ingredient (one or two Candied Jalapenos) for instant, bite-sized amazing treats!
  • HOW TO USE – Perfect with Cheeses, Baked Camembert, Burgers, Pizzas, Nachos, Tacos, Eggs, Omelettes, Humus, Loaded Fries, Jacket Potatoes, Salads, Sandwiches. Get Creative!
  • WARNING:  These little beauties are GOBSMACKINGLY DELICIOUS.  Once the first jar is cracked open, we cannot be held responsible for the FLAVOUR STORM that will follow.  
  • ALL NATURAL & VEGAN FRIENDLY – Our products add flavour to any meal and are free of all nasties (nothing but the good stuff)

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Love to spice up your canapés with the sweet and spicy goodness of our Green Candied Jalapenos? Why not try the RED??

Just add Soft Cheese to a Ritz cracker and add the secret ingredient (one or two Candied Jalapenos) for instant, bite-sized treats.  Mix these beautiful Red Candied Jalapenos into your canapes to wow your guests. Go on… get creative!

WARNING:  These little beauties are Gobsmackingly Delicious.  Once the first jar is cracked open, we cannot be held responsible for the flavour Storm that will follow . . .

All our products are made in England.


  • Jalapeno Chilli (62%)
  • Pure Cane Sugar
  • Cider Vinegar
  • Garlic Powder


  • Vegan Friendly
  • All Natural
  • GMO Free
  • Jar and Lid are 100% Recyclable


Nutrition Information

Typical Values Per: 100g
Energy: 671KJ/158KCAL
of which saturates:



of which sugars:



Protein: 1.1G
Salt: <0.03G

383 reviews for Haynes Candied Jalapenos® Red

  1. Gill

    A delicious product if you enjoy the heat of jalapeños, the added candied sweetness elevates them to another level. I love to add them chopped to salads, frittatas, and basically anything that needs a bit of pizzazz!! Great service too!

  2. Kim Myhre

  3. Rich Hornby

    Tangy and sweet.. but if heat too .. lovely

  4. Claire

    We are looking forward to trying these

  5. Simon Collins

  6. Sue

    Absolutely love these, amazing flavour and brilliant service!

  7. Gary C.

    Just as tasty as the green

  8. Anonymous

    Perks up any meal 😋

  9. Phil

    Fantastic, piquant with a pleasant heat. Great with sandwiches, cheese or a couple of beers!

  10. Sarah

  11. russell jones

    Hasn’t been delivered yet 😳

  12. Keira

    Great product, loved by the whole family – the kids especially love these on their pizza! Our recent order has been a great addition to some cheese board gifts for friends. Fantastic accompaniment for anything from burgers to martinis!

    Easy ordering system and timely, free delivery to boot.

  13. Antony Jones

    Taking Jalas to the next level!!

  14. Anonymous

    My fave!

  15. Gareth

  16. Glynis C.

    Absolutely love these. Bought a selection when I visited the first Pub in the Park in Marlow and now the whole family want them too.

  17. Maria B.

    Soo lush

  18. Simon H.

  19. Susan F.

    Spicy, but good to add a couple of them too meatballs. ( I’m Not great with hot things)

  20. Miranda Sparkes

    Charity and her team are like an extended family. Quick responses to any queries and fast rectifing to “user” errors. Their products are outstanding and we have to admit to being RED rather than GREEN

  21. Tony R.

  22. mrs a.

    Love love love these. Was hoping to pick some up at the Chatsworth Market but alas the stalk wasn’t there so ordered online. Great with cheese and allsorts!!! Yum 😋

  23. Ron Brunton

    Excellent Purchase

  24. Joan Warren

    Major Yum

  25. Natalie B.

    Always amazing! These little beauties get used in everything from sandwiches, soups, fajitas, pizzas – we love them! Sweet with just the right amount of heat to make food zing.

  26. Christine

    A great tasting accompaniment for cheeses.

  27. Denny Clarke

  28. Kim

    Amazing on Pizza – Delicious

  29. Mrs R.

    My all time favourite jalapenos. I use 2 jars a month at least

  30. Robert Currie

  31. Graham B.

    Very quick delivery, aas it’s a Christmas present.

  32. Anonymous

    My favourite! Slightly sweeter than the green, but no drop in the punch. Excellent product!

  33. Carol D.

    I use this in pastas as well as on a cheese sandwich- delightful

  34. Tracy Barclay

    Good as always

  35. Christine French

    Love these over cheese & crackers, also chop some up mix in with potato from a baked potato and mash in with some cheese refill & baked in the oven

  36. Samantha C.

    Fantastic Jalapeños, the best!

  37. Lynn Robb

    I have these on nearly everything

  38. Tracy Martin

    Repeat purchase for myself, love these.

  39. Shohreh K.

    Excellent taste

  40. Catherine

    2nd purchase, very happy

  41. David K


  42. Jade

    Absolutely love them , perfect finish to my boring salads

  43. Annelize C.

  44. Rebecca T.

    Can’t get enough of these. Hot with a sweet aftertaste. Best ever

  45. Miranda S.

    Wish the jar was bigger! We adore these. For us, they have that slight sweetness that the green rings don’t. Sprinkle them on your salad, have them with cheese, they are amazing

  46. Hilary K.

    These are delicious with just a nice amount of heat.

  47. Miss J J Montgomery

    Blooming well love these but oh goodness a bigger jar please!!!

  48. Dylan B.

    As always a prompt delivery of a lovely product 👍

  49. Eleanor Graham

    As the BBQ sauce was so nice had to try other flavours

  50. Scott W.

    I love these, wonderfully packaged, excellent quality and wow what a taste. Really are a great addition to so many dishes, salads, sandwiches etc.

  51. Dominique

    So good. Buy these and you will not be disappointed

  52. Georgina Garwood

    Just add to every dish

  53. Olivier montels

    This is favorite one. The flavours mix so well, I mainly use it when i make pizzas, but only with burgers, pastas…

  54. Mr A.

    Absolutely one of my favourites

  55. Tony Rendell

  56. Shirley

    Just amazing!

  57. David James

  58. Deborah

    love these

  59. Eileen Reid

    This is my 3rd jar of these I add them to Nachos they add the perfect amount of heat and sweetness

  60. Scott Walker

  61. Steven White

    Tasty, sweet and they go with anything!

  62. Anonymous

    Amazing product

  63. Victoria B.

  64. Jason D.

    They don’t get 3 gold “great taste stars” in 2020 for nothing… they are categorically THE BEST ! end of.

  65. Julie W.

    Cheese on toast is elevated to the next level delist.

  66. Beverley B.

  67. Michael H.

  68. Vicky Wilson

  69. Scott W.

    Excellent product and service from the guys at Haynes. Thank you.

  70. Mike Smith

  71. Joseph W.

    a bit hotter than expected

  72. Marc Thompson

  73. Georgina


  74. Sandy Duff

    These have become as important as the bun when it comes to making burgers in our house.

  75. Nicky Lothian

    So tasty and different to anything else. Nice kick of chilli but you can still taste everything else. Goes well with really savoury things or with anything actually, hot or cold!

  76. Christine French

    Absolutely love these, nice on cheese & crackers & on top of a pizza

  77. Major M.

    Incredible product

  78. Tony I.


  79. Richard Hill

    Love Haynes products and this one started the obsession!

  80. Moses Hart


  81. Brett Murphy

    I waited eagerly for my candied jalapeños to arrive, and when they did I was blown away!!! The packaging was amazing, and once I popped the lid on these delicious, red rings of sweetened heat I found it hard to stop eating them!!! I cannot wait to try some more of your exquisite products.

  82. Sonia

    I love these . I put them on everything !

  83. Lucy

    The best jalapenos I’ve ever tasted. I could eat the jar with nothing else but a fork.

  84. Lauren P.

    So delicious with some cheese and crackers

  85. Anonymous


  86. Paul Sutcliffe

  87. rea

    These are my favourite that you guys do. I now can’t make a pizza without them on. Service and delivery was quick and easy to

  88. Sue

    We can’t be without these in our house & have the full range of Haynes products in the cupboards.

  89. Kathryn H.

    Such an innovative and versatile product. First came across it in my Ooni box, absolutely loved it and searched for the company and product on the internet. Delighted to find it and other equally exiting sounding products. My order arrived promptly and was expertly packaged. Brill!

  90. Steve Hutton

  91. Odhran M.

    Absolutely amazing. If you haven’t tried these on a cheeseburger, you’re missing out!

  92. Kathryn I.

    Excellent service packaging excellent

  93. Steve Boughey

  94. Anonymous

    Best Jalepenos I have had. Customer Service from Haynes is superb

  95. HENRY P.

  96. Lisa Pearcy

    Very moorish, heat and sweet in one mouthful!

  97. Mark Lothian

  98. james


    Not yet tried but offering, delivery etc perfect.

  100. Glyn Hall

  101. Lynn Robb

    Absolutely delicious, love these

  102. Jayne England

  103. Paul Hanson

    These jalapeños are amazing! Great service too

  104. Michael Smith

    My Fave! Hot but not too hot. Great in Mexican food.

  105. Sonia M.

  106. Nicola H.

  107. Janet E.

    Can’t wait to try these

  108. Craig Levy

    Fantastic product. Sweet then spicy. Will definitely buy again

  109. Felicity


  110. Charlotte

    These are just so delicious! They go so quickly in our house so I’m sure we will be buying more very soon!

  111. Dianne Liddle

    Again recommended by my son. As soon as they arrived the jar was open and popped on top of my pasta dish. Amazing. Taking jalapeños to the next level.

  112. Dominique

    Amazingly tasty!

  113. Christine French

    Love these on crackers, also made a lovely pizza with them & dribbled some of the juice over the top

  114. David

  115. Heidi

    Delicious- slight sweetness but good amount of heat. On my second jar!

  116. Naomi Jadwat


  117. Caroline

    Great condimo

  118. Sean Lovell

    Milder than the green but still very tasty. Highly recommended

  119. Mark Haynes

  120. Sue

    Love all their products

  121. Sonia M.

    So addictive , I put them on everything !

  122. Lauren T.

    Excellent product, glad to support a small family business! We will order more no doubt!

  123. Stephanie

    Delicious product excellent

  124. Samantha Mullings

    Great quirky product for chilli lovers. Arrived promptly and well packaged too. Recommended.

  125. Karla

    These wee things are great. Have had them with loads or different things; string cheese, cooked meats and even boiled eggs. Can’t get enough. Ordered more.

  126. Anonymous

    Delicious and very moreish

  127. Alan Goodall


  128. Scott

    I’ve lost track of how many dishes I dress up with these beauties!

  129. Purity


    Very nice slightly hotter than the green jalapenos to me but absolutely brilliant great taste

  131. Lynda

    My other half loves these!!

  132. Linda

  133. Miss K A Macdonald

  134. Lisa

  135. Alison

    Love these

  136. Deborah Abbott

  137. Victoria W.

    So delicious!

  138. Anonymous

  139. Leeanne M.

    Excellent customer service. Package arrived so well wrapped. Have only tried the red jalapeño so far..oh my word they are truly amazing!! Can’t wait to make pizzas tonight to have them again!

  140. Anne


  141. Terence Knowles

    So addictive, it has a beautiful punch.

  142. Liz

    Sweet and hot, hot, hot!

  143. Jayne E.

    Yet to try these but if the other products are anything to go by, these will be another winner!

  144. Simon S.

  145. Dave Riley

    My wife said they were like spicy pudding. Good heat, beautiful full flavour. Highly recommend you try.

  146. Christine French

    Amazing, love them

  147. Kathleen M.

  148. D. Crawford Wilson

    Absolutely Delicious!

  149. David B.

    Yummy and moreish.

  150. Anonymous

  151. Tracy Barclay

    Best ever

  152. Lynn R.

    Absolutely love these jalapeños, very well packaged & quick delivery

  153. Emma Gunston

    As with everything from this company, this is absolutely delicious!

  154. Shaun Rose

    Beautiful, very moorish.My personal favourite.

  155. Shelley M.

    Absolutely delighted with my purchase. Glad I bought more than one jar as the family thought they were for everyone! Highly recommended

  156. Claire

    Like the sweet jalapeños you get on really expensive posh pizzas but can never find in a jar! Perfect with everything.

  157. Anonymous

  158. Andy Pengelly

    Highly recommend,quality products will definitely be ordering again😁many thanks 👍🏻

  159. Lynda

    Nice quick delivery before Christmas not tasted yet as bought for a present but well packed for delivery and look yummy!

  160. Chris Lacey

    Efficient delivery
    Well packaged
    Love the Red Candied jalapeños

  161. Elizabeth W.

    Perfectly spicy 👌

  162. Mr M J King

  163. Kathryn Ibbotson

    Excellent service brilliant packaging wonderful product can’t fault the company

  164. Rebecca Hill

  165. Adele

    Sweet and spicy, just delicious!

  166. Ian

    Brilliant product…brilliant service

  167. Claire Jones

  168. Martin

    These are amazing!!

  169. Mieke V.

    Cannot wIt to try these out

  170. Stephen B.

    Spice up your sandwiches! Delicious.

  171. Louise K.

  172. Tanya Day

    Love these, great with hot dogs, burgers, or cheese toasties.

  173. Mary L.

    This was a gift. It will not be opened till Christmas. Gift sent to UK, I live in US, so will not be able to review

  174. Tom G.


  175. S S.

    😋 nice and spicy


    My husband’s favourite! Very tasty!

  177. Jack

    So tasty!

  178. Mark Astley


  179. Steven C.

  180. Stuart

  181. Gary C.

    Amazing taste.

  182. David Elcombe

    Always put this on my home made pizza love it

  183. Dawn Slater

    Easy to order and prompt delivery. I can’t comment on the contents as they are for gifts

  184. Andrea G.

    Is for a present but have it on good authority from a friend who says it’s amazing .. thank you for the quick delivery x

  185. Netta McCue

    Hooked on these! They are fab!

  186. Jessica

    addictive. so good.

  187. Karen K.

    Prompt delivery, well packaged, and the product is amazing! Was supposed to be for christmas. I may need to order some more!

  188. Mike Brown

  189. James

    Great service and outstanding products.

  190. joanne Allen

  191. Anonymous

  192. Anonymous

    Arrived promptly and well packaged. Really tasty. a hint of sweetness with a kick (but not too much) at the end. Very pleasing

  193. Frances M.

    Red even better than green

  194. jeffrey johanson

    Brilliant service

  195. Vicki

  196. Andrea P.

    Absolutely delicious, so sweet and tasty

  197. Claire Ellis

    Our all time favourite on pizza or spaghetti Bol – Spice it up

  198. Sarah T.

    Quick delivery and so tasty! I will be getting these again, can’t wait to try them in different recipes.

  199. Sandra

  200. Dylan

    These are just the best 👍👍

  201. Mark Harris

    Love it! Great family company to order from.

  202. Zita0

    Superb ! A real tasty treat

  203. Nicola Pengelly

    Recommend to me by a friend and they are AMAZING! I’ve been eating them with everything!

  204. Anonymous

  205. Katie James

    These are out of this world! I’m addicted

  206. Anonymous

    Both my husband and I love the candied jalapeños – we eat them most days!

  207. Linda Smith

  208. Shaun Vaughan

  209. Peter H.

    Quick delivery very well packed

  210. Lucy

    Can’t get enough of this stuff! I put it on everything, just the right amount of heat with a tinge of sweet, absolutely delicious, highly recommend.

  211. Cy Warrilow

    These little gems are Stunning,this is my 2nd purchase and I can honestly say won’t be my last! You can eat these with anything or just sit there with a fork and enjoy every bite straight from the jar👌

  212. Graham Ross

    Can’t get enough of these!

  213. Craig T.

    Very more ish!!

  214. sarah

    Literally adding these to every meal!

  215. Matt

    These bad boys are amazing! Fantastic on a juicy burger topped with cheese and BBQ sauce, or with cheeses, biscuits and chutneys. Went through the first pot in less than a week so ordered two more.

  216. Mrs Nicola J Hewitt

  217. Jamie H.

  218. sharon staceygoodwin

    Yummy, yummy, yummy!

  219. Meg

  220. Mark Haynes

    Ready to go….

  221. Graham

    The items arrived promptly, I personally don’t like it, but my son-in-law loves it.

  222. Christine French

  223. Susan

    Amazing and addictive

  224. Simon Norris

  225. Zoe

    Amazing a must try. Sweet but with a little kick.

  226. Shaun Vaughan

    Delicious and moreish

  227. Tim Charles

  228. Netta McCue

    Absolutely love these. So tasty. Slightly sweet. Not bitter like some jalapeños.

  229. Alison Smith

    Very nice indeed

  230. Sharon H.

    These are a great find. I’ve used them in so many different things. Lovely flavour, nice sweet heat. Keep them in the fridge and there ready to use when you want them.

  231. Carol

    These are too good!

  232. robert jones

  233. Susan R.

  234. Wendy T.


  235. Gean Eckton

  236. Lynn Robb

    Love these

  237. Vicky Bentley

  238. Robin Sawczyn

    Tasty! Quick delivery too 👍

  239. lisa harris

    spicy but lovely

  240. Dylan

    So delicious

  241. Bruce

    Second order of these for me, so good 😊

  242. Claire Nicolson


  243. Chris M.

  244. Glenn Hulse

  245. Mark Perkins

    Fantastic service as usual

  246. Kate Mcleman

    These are LUSH! Highly addictive! Only arrived yesterday and already had on scrambled eggs. Just delicious!

  247. Mr George Woodward

    What can I say love it.

  248. Tracey H.

  249. David James

    Very good

  250. Malcolm

    Mmm, gorgeous, we eat it with everything for that “kick”. Wonderful

  251. kayleigh

    Best buy far

  252. David P.

    Nice, like really nice, but not as addictive as the green.

  253. SARAH

    Really tasty, nice heat, great on a burger or to liven up a salad.

  254. Philip B.

    Just lovely, wish I’d ordered more

  255. Fiona

    Already half way through the jar within days of receipt. That tells you all you need to know. Perfect combination of hot & sweet.

  256. Robert P.

    Super tasty – the mix of sweetness with the heat is fab

  257. Mrs K.

    Love love love love love..

  258. Mark Sonnex

    Great with a bit of cheese and crackers or in spicy cheesey nachos. But the first recipe is a chilli and cheese sour dough loaf.

  259. Fay McEwan

    Freaking delicious and addictive!

  260. Harry D.


    Really really delicious. Yum

  262. Sam Fenwick

    My absolute favourite of all your products, they go with everything 🤤

  263. Katrina

  264. Wendie

    Not happy with these candied jalapeños as they are soooo nice they won’t last very long in our house , might have to hide them !!!

  265. Anonymous

    Lovely. Subtle sweetness and delicious kick.

  266. Iain C.


  267. Anonymous


  268. Joan Williamson

  269. Anonymous

    Nice kick to it

  270. S S.


  271. Stefania

  272. Victoria

  273. Phil F.

    Absolutely lovely…..not good for my diet though as they are so good, I keep going to the fridge, grabbing a cheese slice or some ham and placing a couple of these candied jalapenos between them and just munching away. Will be ordering more soon!

  274. Marc Huws

  275. julie

  276. Jason Jeffrey

    They taste great!!

  277. Beth C.

    Amazing. Sweet then heat, tasty on their own or as an accompaniment to some tasty cheese

  278. Jay

  279. Angela M.

    As Jalapeño lovers, it’s hard to find the quality in supermarkets so when my friend recommended me to Haynes, I was dubious! But we’ve nearly had the whole jar with our bbqs in 1 week, they’re the most delicious Jalepenos ever!
    Also a great addition in an avocado, marmite sourdough sandwich – just try it!
    Cant wait to pop open the bbq sauce and relish next
    Thank you Haynes 🌶🌶🌶

  280. Julie W.

    Amazing on cheese on toast sweet & a little spicy these delicious ruby jewels go well with everything we’ve tried them with. Don’t seem to last very long probably because they are eaten straight from the jar on fridge raids. Superb

  281. Paul Teanby

    The best stuff I’ve ever tried!!!

  282. Kim Moore

    These are little gems of deliciousness. Sweet but hot , strange combo but works. We’ve had ours on pizzas and with cheese and crackers and can’t wait to try more combos. Would highly recommend.

  283. Darren Hammond

  284. John Jeffery

    Hot but flavoursome

  285. Zoë Allan

    This is my 3rd jar these are so addictive. Absolutely beautiful!

  286. Selwyn Cooper

  287. Charles Davies

  288. Alan Ingram

    Great service from prompt order acknowledgement to delivery and a Fantastic product.

  289. Francesca S.

    I absolutely adore these and too nearly every meal with them!

  290. matheus


  291. Kevin perkins

    Absolutely gorgeous will buy again

  292. Tracy Holden

    fast delivery good packaging

  293. andy k.

    These jalapeños really are next level. Buy them you won’t regret it. They go with absolutely anything! Awesome product.

  294. Jane Holland

    Absolutely lovely, I had it on a burger and it definitely gives a punch. Would definitely recommend. Oh and the delivery was excellent. The product was carefully packaged to ensure it would not break .

  295. K E Lauder

    Again 2nd order, so tasty and go with everything

  296. Lisa


  297. Debbie Cox

    Absolutely delishous on my 2nd jar.

  298. Wendy S.

    Scrumptious. The best, hot n sweet , perfect

  299. Lynn Robb


  300. florence

    Have to hide these from my husband otherwise he eats them all!

  301. BEVERLEY w.

    Enjoyed every one

  302. David Willsher

    My wife loves these on EVERYTHING we cook, a superb addition to vegan pizzas and loaded veggie burgers. I had some with a cheese and potatoe pie with hot crispy bread and they worked a treat. You get used to having these in the cupboard and whn they run out, sad faces all round.

  303. Sarah

  304. Andy Mann

    Very nice indeed.

  305. Ian Cruickshank

    Love it! Can’t find this anywhere else

  306. Mrs J E Hobbs

  307. Liam

  308. Neil Smith


  309. helen leach

    Absolutley amaziing

  310. Katy

    These are seriously addictive!

  311. Michael M.

  312. Anonymous

    Fast delivery. Great service. Awesome product. Need I say more?

  313. Sandra Cooper

    Addicted to these little beauts !!

  314. Brogan Bruce

  315. Tom Blackmore

    Very good, but my personal favorites are the green ones!

  316. maria hopkins

  317. frances r.

    Loved the jalopenos….. definitely be ordering more

  318. Guy Mitchell

    Expensive but yummy

  319. Jordan

    Absolutely unreal, been liberally adding them to salads, sarnies, pizzas… everything and anything

  320. Gemma

    Great service & fast shipping. The candied red jalapenos taste great. They won’t last long.

  321. Michael Waters


  322. Ashley Crookes

  323. Mrs Liz Morrow

    Amazing and very moreish we be ordering again and again x

  324. Francesca

  325. Jeanne Joyce

    Haven’t received it yet

  326. Anonymous

  327. Robert P.

    Sweet with a little heat. Perfect!!!!!

  328. oz jones

  329. Malcolm LeMay

    OMG! Do yourself a favour and prepare for the flavour!!! You have to buy these!

  330. David

    Wow, these chillis are amazing, will definitely be re ordering! Be warned they aren’t in the house long!!

  331. Mr C.

    Absolutely brilliant, simple yet delicious! If you like chillies this is the go to for a wicked twist. I have eaten a jar of these ones in a few days as they go well with everything. 👍

  332. Ian Vaines

    Not massively soft but just the right tingle

  333. Dave Howe

    Why couldn’t the jar be bigger? I’d defo like a bigger jar and so would the Mrs.

  334. Michael Donald

    The best I have ever tasted and I will be buying more

  335. jules Cooper

  336. Anonymous

  337. Guy McCusker

    Again, delicious, certainly beats other brands.

  338. T Purcell

    I first tasted this product at Chatsworth Christmas Market 2019 I was instantly hooked. This is my first time ordering on line, It’s a really nice product and came within a week, even the product that was on back order came at the same time. I will keep ordering the product on a regular basis., thank you Haynes.

  339. Jonathan Rush


  340. Steve

    Little morsels of heaven

  341. Paul Wilson

    think a bit less syrup is possible… got told off by wife when retuning to the fridge leaving it sticky .. but have recommended to others

  342. Sarah C.

    Definite 5*

  343. Philippa

    Amazing on pizza!

  344. Keren S.

    Met all expectations

  345. Neil Smith


  346. Lara Groome

    Woah, these are so good, with just the right amount of kick. Definitely will get these again.

  347. Robert S.

    Absolutely amazing, had them on loads of different meals, will definitely be buying again.

  348. Naomi Jadwat

    Delicious and slightly sweeter

  349. DEBORAH N.

    Where have these been all my life? I’ve always been a huge fan of jalapeños and these certainly don’t disappoint! Highly highly recommended.

  350. Amanda Willford

  351. Paul Allen

    Wierdly great with coleslaw

  352. iain duckworth

    These are my favourite and I put them on everything, pizzas, toasties, bagels and burgers etc

  353. Nicola

    Can’t get enough of these, I put them everything!

  354. Tom M.

    Delicious I’ve been eating them with everything

  355. Lynn Robb

    Absolutely delicious, love these

  356. Christine

    Speedy response to my question, and delivery

  357. Adam

    These are absolutely delicious and very moreish!

  358. amanda cotton


  359. Luke S.

    unbelievably good

  360. Mr. neil jackson

    Delicious, great service aswell👍

  361. Lydia Dias

    A juicy, sweet, red hot flavour punch which can be eaten straight from jar or on pizza/ bruschetta/ crackers. Delish.

  362. Amanda

  363. Mike Capper

  364. William Wilson

  365. Hannah



  367. miss G.

    Bought 1 jar to try, now the proud owner of 5 jars, should keep us going for a month or so. Cheese on toast with a couple of these beauties, heaven!

  368. Kathryn I.

    Product always delivered within a few days perfectly packaged delicious jalapeños

  369. Kat Jury

  370. Martyn Morrison

  371. JULIAN D.

  372. Jacqui Merrett

  373. Mrs Jane Hanson

    Love them

  374. Steve Bailey

    I cannot praise this place enough, fantastic product and customer service to match. Will use and recommend over and over.

  375. Katie Elizabeth Harding

    Love these candied jalapeño!

  376. Clare Frances Jeffs

    Oh my days, simply delicious! I grabbed some candies jalapeños from Chatsworth markets on Saturday, brought them to work today and they’re gone!!! The taste is exquisite, really full of flavour, not overly spicy & just SO moreish. I am hoping I can source some more from your website as I never ever want to run out of these 😍 and this jar has been devoured by my workmates who are equally impressed 😍

  377. AJ

    So delicious! I add them to all my dishes to give it that extra kick.

  378. Delicious

    Finally got to try the red version as we LOVE the green ones and eat them with almost everything. Just as addictive, just as delicious. TRY THEM!!!

  379. Maria

    I first tried these at the Hampton Court Flower show, where they were giving out samples with cream cheese on a cracker. They are absolutely delicious! I’ve since had them with bbq’d chicken breasts. Divine.

  380. Kian G

    Bought the candied jalapeño’s at Hampton Court flower show. They’re like food crack! I can’t get enough and wish I’d bought way more. I’m actually sad watching the jar disappear but thankfully I can get more online. Bit of bread, cheese a few of those badbois on top washed down with a light Pinot Noir….that’s the sheet right there!

  381. Katherine Jacob

    I’m now addicted to the spicy relish and red jalapeños!!! Love that you are local, not full of extra nonsense and so amazingly yummy 😋

  382. The Naked Flyfisher

    Perfect addition to pizza, toasties, crackers, cheese or salads. Make a nice decoration to a dinner, but even better eaten!

  383. Oli Coats

    I discovered Haynes Gourmet’s candied jalapeños at a food festival last year, absolutely love them. They’ve become a staple in my house and we always and went down a storm with the family at Christmas! Have reordered on the website numerous times and they always arrive on time! Highly recommend!

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