Haynes Candied Jalapeno® BBQ Sauce

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  • SWEET & SPICY – Our Candied Jalapenos are not your ordinary Jalapenos.  They are “Sweet with a little Heat”.  Due to the cooking process they start off SWEET and finish with an afterburn of HEAT!  Think of it as an awesome flavour journey.
  • THE PERFECT SERVING SUGGESTION – Spice up your BBQ.  Using the perfect sweet and spicy flavour of our best-selling Candied Jalapenos, our amazing new BBQ sauce adds the perfect kick to any BBQ.
  • HOW TO USE – Marinade your Ribs, Slather into your Pulled Pork, spread over your Brisket, Chicken Wings and BBQ Veggies or add as a Glaze to finish off your BBQ masterpiece. The perfect pizza base sauce! Replace your tomato sauce with this sweet and spicy BBQ Sauce.
  • WARNING:  These little beauties are GOBSMACKINGLY DELICIOUS.  Once the first jar is cracked open, we cannot be held responsible for the FLAVOUR STORM that will follow.  
  • ALL NATURAL & VEGAN FRIENDLY – Our products add flavour to any meal and are free of all nasties (nothing but the good stuff)!

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Candied Jalapeno Spicy BBQ Sauce

SWEET & SPICY - Our Candied Jalapenos are not your ordinary Jalapenos.  They are “Sweet with a little Heat”.  Due to the cooking process they start off SWEET and finish with an afterburn of HEAT!  Think of it as an awesome flavour journey.

What does Gobsmackingly Delicious taste like?  It’s only FOR THE BRAVE to know . . .

All our products are Proudly Made in Britain.


Nutrition Information

Typical Values Per: 100g
Energy: 856KJ/202KCAL
of which saturates:



of which sugars:



Protein: 2G
Salt: 2.09G

163 reviews for Haynes Candied Jalapeno® BBQ Sauce

  1. Tony Rendell

  2. jim

  3. Steven White

    Amazing BBQ marinade… just delicious

  4. Anonymous

  5. Victoria B.

  6. Beverley B.

  7. Mike Smith

  8. Wendy M.

    My favourite vegan bbq sauce, spicy and delicious.

  9. Tony I.

    Excellent with beans on toast

  10. Julian Isaac

  11. Mark W.

    This just makes everything better

  12. jane

    Perfect for smearing on chicken or salmon!

  13. Anonymous

    If only this sauce was in a bigger jar! It’s so tasty – I add a spoonful when cooking stews or soups and with halloumi.

  14. Graham

  15. Catherine C.

    Great with pulled porkj

  16. Lauren P.

    Sweet and Spicy ribs on the BBQ…summer time heaven

  17. Anonymous

    Not tried this yet but I know it will be good.

  18. john rutherford

    Best barbecue sauce ever

  19. Julie C.

  20. Steve Boughey

  21. Lisa Pearcy

  22. Michael Smith

    Not tried this one yet

  23. Nathan Kemp

    Could put this stuff on a flip flop and it be tasty

  24. Sean Bellamy

    I gave this a 5 just to represent the smile my wife gave me when she saw the jar. So the is a 5 in expectation of another winner

  25. Felicity

    Very good for a marinade and also on top a burger

  26. Ben

    Great BBQ sauce.

  27. Jason C.

    A sweet hot chilli added to BBQ sauce. It’s a match made in heaven. Lovely stuff

  28. Richard Sharp

  29. Christine French

    Haven’t tried this yet, but my daughter loves it

  30. David

  31. Mrs Lynsey O’Donnell

    5⭐ doesn’t do this product justice, my Son absolutely Loves it!!

  32. Linda

  33. Vicki

  34. Bryan R.

  35. Alison

    The best bbq sauce ever

  36. Anonymous

  37. Leeanne M.

  38. Terence Knowles

    Deliciously enhances my bbq sauce.

  39. Luke

    Love this more of a chilli bbq jam so goes good with everything. Definitely recommend and would buy again.

  40. D. Crawford Wilson

    Delicious with my Rack of Pork Ribs!

  41. Emma Gunston

    As with everything from this company, this is absolutely delicious!

  42. Shaun Rose

    Not yet tried.

  43. Kathryn Y.

  44. Claire

  45. Ian

    Brilliant product…brilliant service

  46. Claire Jones

  47. Claire D.

    Fantastic with haloumi slices. The whole family is addicted.

  48. Sarah Scofield

    Not tried yet love the packaging tho !!

  49. S S.

    Best bbq I’ve ever tasted 😋

  50. William Leigh


  51. Gary C.

    Scrummy Delish!!!

  52. David Elcombe

    Love this is my favourite perfect on burgers

  53. Netta McCue

    Very very tasty!

  54. Scott

    Amazing stuff and perfectly packaged and delivered

  55. Graham Turnbull

    Haven’t tasted yet but sure looks tempting.

  56. Frances M.

    Nice kick to it

  57. Andrea P.


  58. Claire Ellis

    Can’t have a BBQ without ..

  59. Dylan

    New to try but lovely

  60. Theresa

    The item hasn’t been tried yet as it is a gift to go in a food hamper for Christmas. Delivery service was quick and very well packaged.

  61. Maximus

    Always perfect

  62. Mary

    Not only is this sauce one of the most delicious in a long time, but the care that my order was handled with was meticulous. I would definitely recommend the sauce and the relish, but the customer service is absolutely amazing too!

  63. Janet

    not tried yet

  64. Amanda White

    Haven’t tried this before and we really
    Liked it

  65. Lucy

    Very nice Bbq relish, heat without blowing your socks off. Highly recommend.

  66. Cy Warrilow

  67. Graham Ross

    Amazing chicken wings

  68. sarah

    Another permanent fixture on my sons dinner plate!

  69. Jamie H.

  70. sharon staceygoodwin

    Oh this is just the best! I can’t rate it high enough, absolutely delicious!

  71. Chris C.

    Amazing product , courier no so much

  72. Christine French

  73. johanna antinoro

    I haven’t tried this before, but I wasn’t disappointed. I used it to marinade some chicken and loved it! Great fast delivery. Highly recommend 🙂

  74. Tim Charles

    Delicious, tasted fantastic as a marinade on chicken

  75. Netta McCue

    Delicious. Tried it in fajitas

  76. robert jones

  77. Mr C.

    what a belter!! sweet and spicy but without melting my face off this is amazing for flavour.

  78. Susan R.

  79. Wendy T.


  80. Gean Eckton

  81. Lynn Robb

    My daughters favourite

  82. Charles Davies

    Amazing on homemade pizzas. Jar is just too small!

  83. Chris M.

  84. Glenn Hulse

    Great on ribs

  85. Kate Mcleman

  86. Mr George Woodward

    What can i say just love it. The smokey flavour and the kick from the Jalapeño pepper.

  87. kayleigh

    havnt tryed yet but smells unreal x

  88. Mr J.


    Excellent very moorish

  90. Dawn Fox

    A bit of a kick and great bbq flavour. We have it as a base on flatbread with various toppings. Delicious!

  91. Philip B.

  92. Charles Davies

    Delicious as a BBQ Pizza topping.

  93. Mrs K.

    Love, amazing, love, amazing, love, amazing

  94. Mark Sonnex

    Great as a condiment to spice up a meal and even better as a marinade for a bit of barbecuing.

  95. Fay McEwan

    Taking bbq’s to a whole new level!

  96. Sam Fenwick

  97. Lisa C.

    Spicy but very good

  98. Katrina

  99. Wendie

    Delicious with halloumi fries

  100. Anonymous

    Absolutely gorgeous lovely flavour.

  101. Steve Quinton

    Nom nom nom

  102. S S.

    Really tasty.

  103. Jason Jeffrey

    Whilst it tasted okay It didn’t wow me, but then perhaps its just that I’m not a BBQ sauce person.

  104. Jay

  105. Angela M.

  106. Darren Hammond

  107. Joanne Humphrey

    So versatile, this makes the most amazing cheese on toast but I also also add to pizza sauce, and a tea spoon is enough to make a delicious difference to a stir fry. Mixed with natural yoghurt you have a great dip. Love it !!

  108. John Jeffery

    haven’t tried yet

  109. Charles Davies

  110. Francesca S.

    My husband literally can’t get enough of this BBQ sauce!

  111. matheus

  112. Tracy Holden

    as above

  113. K E Lauder

    My favourite, cant think of anything (except cereal lol) that’s I’ve not used this with, delicious

  114. Fiona

    Absolutely delicious – so yummy in fact, it might be addictive 😁 But BBQ sauce goes with just about anything, right?!

  115. Lynn Robb

    My daughters favourite

  116. Helen W.

  117. Mrs Jane Hanson

  118. BEVERLEY w.

    Loverly tast

  119. Mrs K Rees

  120. Keira

    This product is great! Has the right amount of jalapeño kick and a unique bbq taste… definitely recommend. Great quality and good accompaniment to anything & everything!

  121. David Willsher

    First off, delivery was in 24 hours, so that was amazing. This BBQ sauce is rich, sweet and spicy with a deceptive heat level that creeps in on the aftertaste, but at the same time, the aftertaste is very rewarding and keeps you heading back for another dip. We just had this on vegan hot dogs in place of mustard relish and it was sensational. At 3 x the price of a regular BBQ sauce, this had to be special, it is. Treat yourself.

  122. Sarah

  123. Andy Mann

    Delicious Perfect for pulled pork sandwich

  124. Susan T.

    Also bought this in September 2019 at the Hampton Court Craft Fair, really enjoyed it.

  125. Neil Smith


  126. Anonymous

  127. Julia Adcock

    Very good service for a very good product.

  128. Sandra Cooper

    Wow, coated on a piece of chicken, Fabulous !!

  129. Tom Blackmore

    Top class bbq sauce.

  130. Guy Mitchell

    Expensive but yummy

  131. Michael Waters

    ribs will never be the same

  132. Ashley Crookes

    Not tried it yet sorry

  133. Neil B.

    Not tried yet but judging on the other product I’ve order it should be amazing

  134. Anonymous

  135. Malcolm LeMay

    Perfect for some extra special ribs, or anything else of your fancy!

  136. Ian Vaines

    Great in chicken

  137. Michael Donald

    Makes a great base for a pizza

  138. jules Cooper

  139. Anonymous

  140. Sarah C.

    This is my first time trying the BBQ sauce and it certainly doesn’t disappoint! It now goes on everything! Definite 5*

  141. Philippa

  142. Lara Groome

  143. Amanda Willford

  144. Sarah M.

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  145. Nicola

    The best ever BBQ I have ever tasted!

  146. Tom M.


  147. Lynn Robb

    My daughters favourite I had to order 2 more jars for her

  148. Adam

    This goes great in a burger.

  149. amanda cotton

  150. Luke S.

    wish I could rate it higher than a 5, definitley be ordering some more

  151. Lydia Dias

    My son can’t get enough ,I have to ration it to one tablespoon per burger.

  152. Shellie

    A beautiful smoky taste, had some of this mixed into a chilli to enrich the flavour; simply delicious!

  153. Mike Capper

  154. William Wilson

  155. Hannah

  156. Kat Jury

  157. Martyn Morrison

  158. Jacqui Merrett

  159. Harriett Utopia

    Highly recommend
    I am addicted to the barbecue sauce.
    I have even tried some of there recipes fantastic.

  160. Brighton Beach Veggie via Instagram

    I’ve found the best BBQ sauce I’ve ever tried and it’s Vegan. Expensive but worth it.

  161. @smokefireflamebbq via Instagram

    Holy fudge balls I think this has just become my favourite BBQ sauce! It’s incredible, sweet, spicy and tasty as a mother trucker.

  162. D Augustine

    Fabulous product! Delis on everything… Veggie kebabs, any meat… YUM!

  163. Bradley Godkin

    Candied jalapenos and Candied Jalapeno BBQ sauce is amazing. Was bought this as a gift from good friends. Will most definately be buying more when this is gone. If you like spicy foods try this.

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