1949 Zesty Sriracha Peanuts

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Delicious Zesty Sriracha Peanuts

These robust peanuts have a fresh natural flavour and a crisp crunch. Made with the highest standards, these hand-crafted nuts are sprinkled with our sriracha seasoning.

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The 1949 Nut Company’s Peanuts are an everyday luxury for peanut lovers who want exceptional taste, unrivalled variety, and a remarkably crisp and satisfying crunch. With blends of sweet, spicy, savoury, and everything in between, the only thing harder than picking a favourite is resisting another handful. Impress your tastebuds with this gobsmackingly delicious snack!

What does Gobsmackingly Delicious taste like?  It’s only FOR THE BRAVE to know . . .

  • Vegetarian Friendly 
  • Premium Quality
  • Hand-Crafted


  • Gourmet Salted Peanuts
  • Buffalo Party Mix
  • Sea Salt and Pepper Peanuts 


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