I’m truly excited to kick off the Haynes Gourmet blog with some easy party food ideas! 

This time of year we are so busy, so why not make it easy on yourself and serve up something your guests will love without it taking hours out of your schedule. And when I say easy, I bought the meatballs, bread and Yorkshire puddings, but if you want to do it from scratch, I say go for it!

Don’t forget, all the products are vegan, so you will be able to adapt all the recipes below. I’m sure you will come up with your own variations which will work for you, so let us know @HaynesGourmet on Instagram or Twitter what dishes you are making this party season. We’d love to hear from you!


Spice Up Your Cocktails!

Spice Up Your Cocktails!

We have had plenty of suggestions for using our candied jalapeños in food, so I wanted to show you something a little out of the box. Cocktails are becoming more adventurous, and one way to be creative is to use the RED and GREEN rings as an addition to your festive...

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