Candied Jalapenos

Our Candied Jalapenos are sweet and spicy. It's the way we cook them, you see. These are not your pickled jalapenos you  might have tried in the past. Our Candied Jalapenos are initially sweet on the pallet, then, while enjoying the citrus flavor of the jalapeno, the heat slowly builds, leaving you enjoying the gobsmackingly delicious flavor sensation. Not so spicy it knocks your socks off, but just the right amount of heat to leave you wanting more. There is nothing quite like the sweet and spicy buzz of our Candied Jalapenos.


Where to buy candied jalapenos?

  • Our products are quickly building a cult following. Find your nearest stockist here.
  • We stock this awesome sweet and spicy condiment in our Online Shop. 
  • Everything we make is made exclusively in the UK
  • We use all natural ingredients, free from any artificial additives or preservatives, and completely GMO free.
  • Our candied jalapenos, and all our candied jalapeno products are 100% vegan.


The cheese board's best friend

Our candied jalapenos are the perfect pairing with cheese. You can use our candied jalapeno products in the same way you would use a chutney. The wonderful thing about our candied jalapenos is that, while delivering a spicy element to your food, the sweetness also gives you time to enjoy the flavours of what you are eating. A perfect pairing with goats cheese, baked Camembert, or simply add to a cracker covered in cream cheese, for a flavour sensation.

They also go superbly with a jacket potato,  adding a little extra kick and sweetness to this British staple meal! We recommend a big dollop of sour cream with one dessert spoon of jalapenos for a nice midweek treat!


Our Secret recipe

  • We are one of the only suppliers of candied jalapenos in the UK, making our unique sweet and spicy recipe's a closely guarded trade secret.
  • But you might ask - how is it candied? No these are not jalapenos simply dusted in sugar, like some candied fruit. Our products are candied in the way we cook them. Think of it like a caramelisation process, if you will.
  • This unique cooking method, along with our unique recipe gives the candied jalapenos the sweet and spicy flavour everyone loves.
  • These jalapenos are highly addictive and go with everything. Go - on! Give them a try.