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Red Candied Jalapenos

The Sweet & Spicy Savoury Snack

Never heard of a RED jalapeno? Well you have now! We've let the jalapeno ripen and then cooked them in our unique candying process to create our signature taste sensation...

Green Candied jalapenos

Great Taste Award winner 2019

These jalapenos, our bestselling product, are already amassing a cult following. Sweet with a little heat, and incredibly moreish, they are like no jalapeno you have ever tried...


Tastes the absolute

 Dogs Bollocks Man!



Insta blogger of the year 2019


Loveliest little gems of sweet heat can’t get enough. Love um love um love um. 


Martin May

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Haynes Candied Jalapenos are a real treat - perfect to have on the side of a delicious bit of meat, whether its a hotdog or a piece of steak. What more could you want!?


Tom Kerridge

2* Michelin Chef

Our Best Sellers

Haynes Candied Jalapenos®

Red Candied Jalapenos

Hot  Jalapeno Relish

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*Chilli with Red Candied Jalapeno Topping

*Nachos with Green Candied Jalapeno Topping

*Burger with Candied Jalapeno Relish

*Mac & Cheese topped with the Green Candied Jalapenos

*CheesenToasty with Green Candied Jalapenos

*The Ultimate Breakfast Burger topped with Red Candied Jalapeno Mayo

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