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It's Nice to meet you!

My name is Charity, and I founded Haynes Gourmet back in 2017 with my Husband, Robert, and my Dad, also called Robert (but you can call him Bob). We started small, cooking tiny batches of Candied Jalapenos in our country cottage kitchen and selling them at local food festivals and farmers markets. Since then, we've steadily grown but we've not veered far from that original vision. Our Candied Jalapenos are still lovingly hand filled into every jar, using real, all natural ingredients.

Read more about us and who makes up the Haynes Gourmet team below 👇


This is me!

Founder and CEO of Haynes Gourmet, I am head of customer service, so if you email you will be talking to me! I run and maintain all our social channels, and oversee all marketing and branding. But there is nothing I like better than creating new flavours and recipes, fun products and gift boxes. But I certainly could not do it all myself - so meet the rest of the family aka the HG Team:


Foodie is not a big enough word

for this guy - he is one of the best cooks around and always inventing and trialling new recipes. He keeps the standards high with his discerning pallet and attention to detail, and loves nothing more than speaking with customers face to face about his favourite subject - FOOD!


My Dad

He has always seen the real potential for our flavour concepts and helped me every step of the way building this business. He is a man of many spreadsheets, and always has his eye on the numbers. If we need a contract read or a form filled in - this is our guy. A lover of Amazon he has been the driving force behind getting HG on Amazon Prime. Next... world domination!


My Mom

and chief packing guru. We literally could not successfully run an online shop without her. If you have ordered online, your order has been packed by Dorreen. She packs every gift box, wipes every lid, bags and boxes every item, and always keeps the country music flowing in the packing room. She is our #1 cheerleader.


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